O&M is now widely recognised as the greatest expense in owning and operating a facility over its life cycle. Our best practice operating and maintenance procedure and how a building is operated can save up to 20% on energy bills. The O&M program is like a business plan without which business can’t stay on target.

Streamlined Operations

Reduce your electricity usage and costs

Energy Audit

We perform an energy audit on your building, based on international protocols.

Energy Audits Services

Energy Efficiency Strategy

We develop a customised energy efficiency strategy to meet your specific business objectives and goals.  Opportunities for energy efficiency within existing systems are identified before looking at new installations and capital expenditure.

Action Plan

We provide building-specific energy saving and energy performance measures, including estimated costs and payback periods.

Retrofit and Building Upgrades

Reduce Water Usage

Water Audit

We audit the periodic and annual water use of your building, analyse costs and establish a benchmark.

Water Consumption Strategy

We develop a strategy to reduce water consumption, considering existing distribution systems, plumbing fixtures, air-conditioning water usage and improving management of cleaning and irrigation systems.
Where appropriate, we plan for rainwater harvesting and grey water collection.

Increased Tenant Satisfaction

Tenant Survey

Tenant satisfaction using internationally recognised surveys, assessing:

  • Thermal comfort
  • Indoor air quality
  • Lighting /daylight
  • Acoustics


Data is analysed and an action plan is formulation to adjust the appropriate systems to address the identified problem areas.

Facilities Management

Streamlined Operations

Building Automation Systems

BD&O offers sophisticated building automation systems to ensure the smooth efficient running of the buildings link to BAS page

Full Maintenance Technical Services

We also offer professional technical back-up to assist in managing your buildings.  This includes a computerised maintenance management system to help monitor and control costs for all services maintenance and repairs.

Operating and Maintenance

Increased ROI

Your business and sustainability goals are the starting point.
Based on these objectives we develop a cost effective strategy with competitive first costs that support decreasing operating costs.  This increases the value of the building.
Enhanced tenant satisfaction levels also sustain higher occupation rates, improving your Return on Investment.
The financial impact of each Energy Efficient Measure is weighed against alternative investment options, making a business case for improvements including assessing the breakeven and profitabilty period.

Facilities Management

Facilities Maintenance Management

Property owners and managers are under ever increasing pressure Read More