HPB follow internationally recognised protocols which identify what to measure. How it is to be measured and how often it is to be measured for inclusion in the buildings O&M plan.

We look at the six recognised performance categories (energy, water, thermal comfort, IAQ, lighting and acoustics).

Protocols are developed at three levels Basic, intermediate and advanced-providing realistic choices for consistent performance. Characteristics of the building stock and comparison to appropriate bench marks.

Buildings in South Africa are responsible for over 40% of the national energy uses. To ensure our energy supplies, reduces energy demand ad costs and reduce carbon emissions, the energy use of existing buildings needs to be significantly reduced. At the same time, buildings must perform effectively the functions for which they are built. They need to be comfortable, at as appropriate temperature, well ventilated and lit and have appropriate acoustics. They also need to use water efficiently, both because it is becoming an expensive scare resource and because the processing, distribution and disposal of water is energy intensive.

In addition, there are many buildings that are claimed to be green “low energy or high performance buildings”. Experience shows that there is a major credibility gap between design intent the potential performance of the building as initially constructed and the reality of everyday practical operation.
We use an internationally recognised set of building performance metrics to enable the measurement of performance in buildings. These identify what to measure how it is measured and how often it measured.

It is simple to reduce energy consumption and to increase energy efficiency by turning up off the Air conditioning or reducing the ventilation or dimming the light levels. However these measures are certain to making the building occupants unproductive ,uncomfortable and unhappy.

Delivering optimum building performance requires careful attention not just to energy use but to thermal comfort air quality, lighting and acoustics within the occupied spaces .In addition it is increasingly clear that water uses in buildings is an important aspect of their performance. In addition to the energy used to supply and remove water, it is a scare resource in its own right and in a green, sustainable, high performance building its use should be well managed.