Buildings must be functional.  They must be comfortable for their occupants, with an appropriate temperature, good ventilation and suitable lighting and acoustics. They should also be energy and water efficient, since these are becoming expensive and scarce resources.  Moreover, they must provide a reasonable return on investment for their owners.

Unfortunately, however, this is the exception rather than the norm.  Many buildings that were designed as green, low energy or high performance buildings have not lived up to their potential, with the reality of everyday operations negation the design intent.

Discontented tenants seek alternative accommodation as their working environment fails to meet their needs, and ongoing maintenance “tweaks” to systems can lead to inefficient operations, resulting in buildings becoming “tired assets” that can no longer command a profitable income.

Buildings in South Africa are responsible for over 40% of the national energy usage.  Reduced energy demand through efficient energy use is not only a business imperative, it’s also a sustainability reponsibility.

High Performance Buildings was founded on the need to provide technical expertise and experience in building services management to address these needs.

We help our clients

  • Reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Reduce water usage
  • Curtail operation and maintenance costs
  • Streamline operation
  • Meet their business objectives in respect of their buildings
  • Meet the needs of the occupants of their buildings

High Performance Buildings observes international best practice and operates according to international protocols to achieve this.

High Performance Buildings is a BEE Level 3 company, and part of the BD&O Group.  Established in 2012, High Performance Buildings uses sophisticated computerised technicques to analyse building services performance, automated systems management and real time reports to improve the return on investment for client buildings and building portfolios.

Our engineers are members of


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